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Kinetikon aims at preparing a cohort of students for the challenges and opportunities of the rapidly evolving tech industry. Our courses offer a meticulously crafted curriculum that spans a range of essential tech disciplines, starting from fundamental IT automation and progressing through AI, coding, cloud computing, project and service management, and concluding with a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity.

Kinetikon is a system integrator that specializes in delivering highly qualified professional services. Our primary goal is to enable innovation and automation in businesses and organizations. With over twenty years of experience in tech training and consulting, we possess the expertise to find the perfect balance between business needs, investment protection, and technological innovation through bespoke training programs.
We firmly believe in the power of continuous improvement, skills development, and life-long learning. As such, we are committed to providing tailored training plans for businesses that seek to innovate and automate their IT environment while simultaneously developing the skills of their IT professionals. At Kinetikon, we are dedicated to partnering with our clients to create innovative solutions that drive business innovation, growth and success.

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Cyber Security From Zero to Hero

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