A Shared Ambition: Bridging the Talent Gap – A Conversation with Roderick Reichenbach from Quantify

As a pioneer in deep tech talent management, Roderick is dedicated to transforming how startups and scale-ups cultivate innovation and excellence.

The EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative had an insightful chat with Roderick Reichenbach, Managing Partner at Quantify Group BV about his mission to bridge the deep tech talent gap and drive innovation forward.

Quantify Group is a pioneering force in deep tech talent management and dedicated to redefining the industry landscape, and with more than ten years’ experience in the UX and digital marketing industry, Roderick knows that in the fast-paced world of deep tech startups and scale-ups, talent is everything.

Recognising the urgent need for tech talents in a short period of time, Roderick and Quantify’s mission are in alignment with the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative’s ambitious goal of skilling one million people in deep tech by 2025.

“We did a little bit of research about who has the same mission as we do, and quickly identified the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative. They’re really shouting out to everybody that closing the skills gap in Europe needs to be addressed by collaboration.”

To this end, Roderick is focusing on a special target group, and through Quantify’s Upscaling Programm is aiming to equip deep tech entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of talent acquisition, retention, and management, and succeed in a competitive market. Additionally, to better drive growth and innovation in the deep tech sector, he is working with startups to strengthen their appeal to attract and retain top talent.

Roderick explained that having worked within the deep tech start up ecosystem, he observed the need for shifting from an academic mindset to a more business-oriented approach while at the same time being more people-focused. And looking to the future, he sees a demand to create a community that will help talent become more business-oriented and resilient.