Empowering Deep Tech Innovators: A Dialogue with Claudia Barbosa from HiSeedTech

“Joining the initiative enables organizations to share knowledge and gain insights into deep tech educational best practices. It’s an opportunity to contribute to the New European Innovation Agenda and revolutionize the deep tech ecosystem.”

In the vibrant landscape of innovation, organisations like HiSeedTech are instrumental in bridging the gap between scientific research and commercial markets. Recently, we had the pleasure of chatting with HiSeedTech’s Chief Operating Officer, Claudia Barbosa, about their mission and vision for empowering researchers in Southern Europe.

HiSeedTech, one of our esteemed Pledgers, is a non-profit association based in Portugal dedicated to facilitating the transfer of scientific knowledge into the marketplace. The team has 19 years’ experience in deep tech training and has been recognised with a Stanford Entrepreneurship Educators Award.

“Our goal is to bridge the gap between science and markets,” Claudia explained, emphasising the importance of fostering entrepreneurship and technology commercialization among researchers.

When asked about HiSeedTech’s contribution to the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, Claudia highlighted their flagship programme S3E Start, a course designed for research teams to equip researchers with the skills and tools needed to navigate the journey from the lab to the market successfully.

During the 18-week programme, research team participants from various sectors, including life sciences, biotechnology, electronics, and advanced manufacturing, receive online training, webinars, and mentoring from industry experts. Through this comprehensive programme, researchers learn to link science and technology to market needs, better communicate their research to non-scientific audiences, and evaluate pathways for technology commercialisation. By providing tailored support and resources, HiSeedTech ensures that participants receive relevant and impactful training experiences.

With their commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the deep tech sector, they have already achieved the 50/50 gender balance in the last cohort.

“Our ultimate goal is to enable researchers to have a tangible impact on society and the economy. Through initiatives like the EIT Deep Tech Talent Initiative, we’re one step closer to achieving that goal.”

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